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Formed under the aegis of the Foundation for Life Sciences and Business Management, a non-profitable organization, Shoolini Institute of Life Sciences and Business Management SILB is the culmination of the lifelong dream of several internationally renowned academicians and business leaders. A dream to help build India's burgeoning Life Sciences, Biotechnology and Information Technology Industry by developing a world class institute, it aims at developing leaders in the said areas by providing adequate interaction with experts and exposure to R7D institutes and industrial setups. [More+]

From Founder's Desk

With knowledge becoming the key driver of society and economy, life sciences and biotechnology are making enormous headway. There is a high-speed growth in the life sciences sector and it is providing new avenues in healthcare, agriculture, food processing and environmental protection. New disciplines such as genomics, proteomics, bioinformatics and novel applications like gene testing and regeneration of human organs or tissues has come into existence. Bio Sciences are set to impact the society and the global economy in a marked way and India is at the forefront of this pursuit. With a growing number of serious players in the industry and with India's famed intellectual property, these are exciting times for the biotech industry in the country. [More +]

Our Mission

To sharpen the conceptual, personal and entrepreneurial skills of students.
To motivate students for achieving excellence in scientific and managerial acumen.
To train human resource for challenging job opportunities in biotechnology and management.
To develop bilateral exchange programs with advance centers of education and research in India and abroad.
To provide outsource research and consultancy services to biobased industrial / organizational setups.

Students Placed Through Campus Recruitment

Students Recruiter
Vishal Chandel eClerx
Ria Gupta eClerx
Sidharth Dharamraj Vardhaman
Parishkrit Arya Vardhman